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End of day MySpace roundup

7/25/07 by Endorse

I gave them a few clicks, you should, too.

Flighty, freewheeling, trip-hoppish, from Mexico.

The voice of Tool/APC takes up a Moog/samples.

Discopunk with actual disco-worthy vocals.

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"The Point" and its music still fresh today.

by Endorse

Kudos to the blog Aquarium Drunkard for running a piece recently on Harry Nilsson's music (including the wonderful "Me and My Arrow"), which underscored the 1971 animated film "The Point." Completely tolerable kid's cartoon on tolerance, it's the tale of Oblio - a boy with a round head in a mythical city of people with pointy heads. As you can guess, they don't take kindly to him. Ringo Starr narrates, and Harry Nilsson provided songs I remember singing along to, when young. Some kind soul has posted the whole thing onto YouTube.

Here's Part 1, which includes the Me and My Arrow sequence:

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File Under: Good Music by Gay People

by Endorse

Actually, gay people have made perhaps-better-than-average music since time began. I just find gay culture's taste in tunes a bit lacking. Moving on...The Soft Pink Truth finds one-half of electro-duo Matmos (they provide bleeps and beats for Bjork now and then), Drew Daniel, taking old hardcore and punk anthems and turning them into erratic, dark, and sometimes hilarious house tracks. My favorite is Nervous Gender's "Confession," which re-imagines Jesus as a street-walking Galilean deviant. B made little refrigerator magnets of great album covers, and considering I found this gem in his collection, it's a shame that cover doesn't greet me every time I go to make a sandwich. Whoo!


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Craigslist: earnest musicians cry for help

by Endorse

Ah, the Internet's back pages, the destination of earnest guitarists everywhere looking to start a band. There's the "pro player" who only wants serious responses, and then the dudes who just want to jam, man. Today, there's also these people:

Most Blatant Acknowledgment of Influences
Are you into Amy Winehouse Music? Male vocalist looking to do something along the lines of what Amy Winehouse is doing. I can explain further what I have in mind if we get a chance to speak. Extremely versatile vocalist looking start a project along the lines of what Amy Winehouse is doing. Looking to record and shop the album (a producer would be great) or play out (booking connections would be amazing) OR BOTH. Read more

Washed-up Musician of the day
Jules Radino, drummer for the classic rock band Blue Oyster Cult is accepting drum students. All levels and styles. Will travel to you! Read More

Most Pretentious Description Award
Seeking gifted guttersnipes and frippian neologistocrats who are Adept in factory noise-waste,
garbled throatshrieks, industrial shards, splattered transmissions and ghostly tendrils. You are a controlled-feedback genius, a low-res Giacometti who thrives on live, on-stage Creation...Read More

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Endorse listens to just about anyone who innovates, embraces change, and challenges a listener. Endorse cares not for indie, hippie, hipster nonsense.


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