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Rev. Peyton's Big Damn Band

8/2/07 by Endorse

Key ingredients to making a tolerable roots-rock-blues band:

1. Steel-plate F-hole acoustic guitar (probably dented, scratched)
2. Bass drum, snare drum, maybe a maraca?
3. Washboard (the portable laundromat) player named Breezy
4. Vocals of a tripped-out hick
5. Cool beard

I dig it.


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Peter Adams

by Endorse

This guy from Cincinnati - he's barely 23 (and studied classical violin for 20 of those), writes sweet, multilayered pop songs, produced and recorded his entire first album, and he doesn't have a record deal? The Internet-age makes finding a savant like this easy, but damn it's kind of unfair. If anyone deserves a major marketing campaign, it's Peter Adams. The melodies and phrasing of Jeff Buckley come to mind. This orchestral production is mellow and flawless.

From his site: Cementalisque


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Flowers of Hell

by Endorse

If you're going to identify as a "collective" rather than a band, AND include "Hell" in your name, I expect scary epics in minor keys. The 10 folks comprising Flowers of Hell agree. The long drone jams rise and fall with trumpets, violas, and theremin (check out "Compound Fractures"), and there's plenty of ways to interpret the sounds they create. I'd say "mournful." They are, of course, British.



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of note:

by Endorse

John Petrucci of Dream Theatre finally explains: "You'll never be able to get close to what I sound like."

Breaking news! Sound from iPod ear buds can actually bother others around you!

Harry Potter listens to Sigur-Ros, but not geeks who play in bands named after him.

Said the Gramophone wants to know why you haven't listened to "Bird Flu" yet. It's a valid question.

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Scissor Sisters at the Brit Awards

by Endorse

Yeah, I hadn't heard of these UK awards, either, and that's because they haven't been broadcasted live since 1989, when the performers just - well, played really sloppily, and no one cared.

This performance by the Scissor Sisters (while not my favorite electroclash pop band) is certainly the opposite of sloppy. At first glance I thought, oh, they're ripping off Beck and the Flaming Lips' knack for whacky stage direction...and then they started floating...

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Endorse listens to just about anyone who innovates, embraces change, and challenges a listener. Endorse cares not for indie, hippie, hipster nonsense.


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