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8/3/07 by Endorse

Behind the fairly straightforward pop rock of Radio LXMBRG, there's a meticulous care given to the keys and samples which really flavors these tunes. They list their influences as "bombastic movie soundtracks, French sixties music, UK eighties music and German kraut rock," and normally I pass on genre-shifting chameleons (unless we're talking about Derek Trucks - he can record polka and I'll buy it), but these Swedes could become your guilty pleasure, too.


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of note:

by Endorse

ASCAP reminds Brooklyn Vegan that their lawsuits are legal, reasonable, and "there is a reason why ASCAP wins all of these." I suspect RIAA envy.

When a compilation called "NEXT: Indie's Biggest Hits, Volume 1" comes out, it's time to drop the all-inclusive "indie" moniker, mmkay?

Stevie Wonder is gonna tour. Awesome.

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Endorse listens to just about anyone who innovates, embraces change, and challenges a listener. Endorse cares not for indie, hippie, hipster nonsense.


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