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" Fusion / Acousmatic / Tape music / Psychedelic"

8/1/07 by Endorse

That's how the Finnish group Valojuopot describes itself. Not far off, either. They've obviously taken a few cues from Robert Fripp, but in these erratic, psychedelic noise tunes, the samples cover world music instruments, strange chanting, and perhaps even human screams. Play nice, kids.


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Warm Morning

by Endorse

Italian brothers write earnest ballads with slight 70s nostalgia. Mostly acoustic and crooned, but there's some haunting melodies here and there. Restrained but smooth and relaxing vocals. One album, "Silver Rain," available on Shelflife.


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of note:

by Endorse

WMFU provides rather embarrassing audio of Nina Simone in her later years

Ben Folds' solo demos predating the band's success turned up at The Rawking Refuses to Stop.

Neil Young's making a comic bo - harumph - graphic novel?

On the heel of director Michelangelo Antonioni's death, blog Aquarium Drunkard digs up the bootleg soundtrack Pink Floyd made to his film Zabriskie Point.

Harp studies at Eastmon School of Music really pay off, I guess...

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Endorse listens to just about anyone who innovates, embraces change, and challenges a listener. Endorse cares not for indie, hippie, hipster nonsense.


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