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Your web designer rocks

Sometimes bands' homes on the Web are more captivating than the band itself.

So it goes with Frauke, your typical tongue-in-cheek descendant of the Pixies...

Pretty menus!

Interesting side note: the main site's url is "Fraukehatesyou," where the MySpace url dares "Fraukefuckinghatesyou."

Make up your mind. Seriously.


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“Your web designer rocks”

  1. Anonymous Frauke Says:

    We are the descending of the Vikings, actually. We do not have any blood of fairies, pixies, or dragons in our veins.

    Oh, as for our website: Our web designer is Frank Black. He says he was once in a band, but we told him we are not paying him to talk about his failings as a musician.

  2. Anonymous Frauke Says:

    Ah, Frauke! Hellos to you! How are you doing? Right now I am loofah.

  3. Anonymous Frauke Says:

    hello Frauke. Good to see you on the interbahn. I knew you kept your tongue in your cheeks. You are funny rascal loofa. Has anybody paid Frank Black his final web design invoice? he is such a nag.

  4. Anonymous Frauke Says:

    Frauke and Frauke!

    I was wondering where you are doing the hiding out. I see it is on the websites. Did you find out about the practice time for Saturday.

    ps this is much easier than IM!

  5. Anonymous Frauke Says:

    Frauke who is this IM person that you are speaking of that is so easy? Irene McGuiness? I heard she was a loose.

  6. Anonymous frauke Says:

    Irene is loose. But I was referring to the instant messaging. And, no, I did not pay Frank Black his web design invoice because he was the one who named our myspace URL different than our regular main URL.

    Anyways, it was ME, FRAUKE, who had to code to the dancing girl and peanut into the menu/nav. Frank Black wouldn't stop talking about how he wanted to do it in XML, and then he started talking about his band who no one has ever heard of again, so I fired him. He even forgot to put in a kill fee, so we can go back into the studio with such moneys and record more original and unique musics!

  7. Anonymous frauke Says:

    Frauke, did you use live model as inspiration for dancing girl. Perhaps you used frauke? It looks sooooo real.

  8. Anonymous Frauke Says:

    Frauke, how is it that you prepare the tilapia from the store what sells the foods? A trip to the region of the Nile is planned and we were wondering about survival techniques. Any other advice you might have about living in the jungle would also be appreciated. tgif!

    PS: I thought I sent Brank Flack his invoice monies, but I may have sent to Eileen McGuiness instead.

  9. Anonymous Frauke Says:

    you should not eat tilapia before labor day, unless it after the last one. either way, i prefer cooking it when it is having the breading.

  10. Anonymous Frauke Says:

    Do you bake your own bread crumbs or do you use the store bought? I wish there were a brand of ironic bread crumbs called "Hansel & Gretel."

  11. Anonymous frauke Says:

    i do not have the times to making the breadcrumbs. so, i must always be using the store bought.

    i also wish everything was ironic. like williamsburg.