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Laurie Anderson knows problems

Even if ambient electronica and spoken-word monologues aren't your thing, give Laurie Anderson a try. I saw her last May at the private, la-di-da National Arts Club (reminiscent of Eyes Wide Shut, wealthy-class-orgy type stuff, I have to say) after B had shown me a video of her stuff - big arena, projected-screen, nonsense rants and cheese-sustain keyboards. For whatever reason, it didn't hit me, so I wasn't too thrilled for the show.

But she really shined. A little older, a little more graceful. She played an electric violin and a keyboard now and then, and on one song sang through a vocoder. Sounded like James Earl Jones. She went off about politics/policy for a bit (see video below), but mostly she just went.off.the.deep.end. We're talking 10-minute jams mimicking the flight of birds. Hipster aristocrats abounded. But who else is going to show up in droves at a ritzy hole like that?

This is pretty good: "Only An Expert."

EDIT: Oh, and this is classic, too:

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“Laurie Anderson knows problems”