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M.I.A. - in NYC, she'll be anything but

This morning, an e-mail from Brooklyn's Studio B tried to alert me to the upcoming M.I.A. show, but I was busy 'net-shopping for grandma's birthday, and soon after all tickets for July 25 quickly sold, sold, sold.

As much as I dug Studio B the last time I walked thru miles of concrete-factory nothingness to see the Fucking Champs (fucking good, too), I'll hopefully catch the grime-y anarchist for free this Saturday. She plays Coney Island at 6 p.m. this Saturday, July 21, towards the end of the Village Voice's Siren Festival. Then again, the shows can fill to capacity, and if I get there too early I'll have to suffer through way-too-much indier-than-thou ear damage. B and I were going to hit the beaches, too...

Regardless - glad she's back in the States and releasing new material.


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“M.I.A. - in NYC, she'll be anything but”