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The Fader

The blog Idolator gave a nice summary of The Fader this past week, and the comments that ensued after its posting really represent my own evolution of opinion for this magazine:

Stage One: Pleasantly surprised
BY DANGIBSON AT 07/13/07 01:15 PM

"It is a very pretty magazine, and...I actually learn something from the magazine each issue, which is certainly more than I can expect from most music rags these days."

Stage Two: Skeptical at potential conflict-of-interest
BY JETSETJUNTA AT 07/13/07 01:38 PM

"You forgot to mention how the Fader is just another PR device for Cornerstone Promotion, and as such not actually a magazine at all. But sure, it is very pretty."

Stage Three: Resignation at ethical impasse, digging the tunes
BY TAYLOR T-SIDES AT 07/13/07 03:30 PM

"@loudersoft : "It's a damn good looking magazine in which they cover good music, so I could care less." exactly. if they covered only Cornerstone artists, I'd be miffed, but who gives a shit?"

I should note that Cornerstone exec Jon Cohen went to my college, knew my professors, and gave me an excellent series of tips on the publishing biz when I came to NYC.

Download their issues here, or better yet, buy one.
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“The Fader”